In today's world business owners have to worry about reviews going public and doing permanent damage to their business.  PromoStreak's custom comment box gives you a way to privately fix issues before they hit social media or to turn that bad review into a good one.

Customer Feedback







Assign a keyword to a comment box to give customers an opportunity to give you feedback.  A simple call to action is easy to add to table tents or signs!  Customers answer the call to action and fill out a custom form created by YOU!


  • Real-time notifications.
  • Editing is easy!
  • Add up to 25 custom questions or prompts.
  • Choose different options to intake data:  time, date, etc.
  • Attach a coupon to incentivize filling out comment box



You and/or designated staff is notified with a text alert  in real time.  You then have the choice to answer them back and engage in a private two way conversation.  Create a custom coupon for them on the spot or use one you've already created to appease upset customers.


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