PromoStreak is an enhanced text messaging system that allows any business or organization to engage customers with branded content and features.

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Mobile Marketing Tools

What is mobile marketing?


Mobile marketing is advertising designed for delivery to smartphones.   Our system provides a powerful set of tools that allow you to deliver branded customized content and features directly to your customers.

Smart Coupons


Data Collection

  • Automatically personalized
  • Built-in redemption system
  • Set your own limitations
  • Stock photo and video libraries
  • Reminders and forwarding
  • Market directly to customers
  • No apps, installs or downloads
  • Affordable, credit-based system
  • Link to website/Online store
  • Measure results in real-time
  • Easily design forms, surveys, etc.
  • Supports multiple data types
  • Automatic data management
  • Real-time notifications
  • Data export & integration options

If you would like to learn more about our mobile marketing cloud platform please click here!

Customer Feedback

A tool to solve real problems in real time


Give your customers a modern version of the classic comment box. Promote a keyword that links your customers to a branded comment form containing your questions.

  • Add custom questions to the form
  • Real-time notifications for staff
  • Classified feedback: complaints, compliments and suggestions
  • Optional coupon delivery for appeasement or reward
  • Built-in messaging allows you to reply and converse with the sender

If you would like to learn more about our Custom Comment Box and Real-time notification please click here.

Customer Feedback with our custom comment box.  Real-time notifications with two way private conversation options. 

Non-Profit Communication & Fundraising

An affordable easy answer for nonprofits


We provide tools that enable nonprofits to communicate, and to raise money quickly and conveniently.  Our system connects to your Stripe account to directly deposit collected funds.  You pay one credit (.5 cents) per transaction on top of Stripe processing fees.

  • Stripe integration
  • Donate-by-text
  • Registrations and sign ups.
  • Sell merchandise, packages, and tickets.
  • Discounted credit pricing
  • Free Credits available through our Promote Kindness Program
Promote Kindness PromoStreak's donation credit program.

If you would like to learn more about our nonprofit features please click here.

How It Works

What is enhanced text messaging?



Enhanced text messaging is unlimited character messaging with style options like font color and size, as well as branding with your logo, custom image or video.  Features can be added to these enhanced messages like smart coupons or forms.

First the customer recieves a text link.  Then an enhanced text message followed by a customized, personalized, branded feature.

Create branded enhanced messages and features in our back office.

Our Promotion system uses traditional messaging to send a short text containing a message and text link.

The text link connects your user to your customized messages and features.

Mobile Marketing Evolution
In just minutes a business owner can customize features to send to their customers in an outbound promtion.

The Text Marketing Revolution


Mobile phones have become more dynamic and capable over the years.  While text messaging has remained bland, barely surpassing the limitations predating smart phones.  PromoStreak allows you to take full advantage of the capabilities of today's phones to send branded enhanced messaging and features personalized for your clients.

Marketing on Your Terms



This tool was designed to complement and enhance your existing marketing efforts through email, social media, Internet advertising, print, radio and television.  PromoStreak also creates a convenient new way for customers to interact with your business.  With our do-it-yourself tools you can easily add mobile marketing to your business without any special skills or knowledge.

100 Free Credits for new customers. 

Text marketing facts



  • Text messages have a 98% open rate, over the 20% open rate of email.
  • 44% of consumers would rather receive product details and other marketing messages through text over any other channel.
  •  70% of employees think their company should use text messaging to communicate with employees.
    Sources: Vitello Communications Group, Direct Marketing Association, Mobile Marketing Watch
Take applications, survey employees, or send text links for on-call shifts. 
Send text links with information about sales and connect your customers directly to your website for immediate sales.

Online Sales

Our custom feedback system is the best way to provide customer service. 





Create custom branded personalized smart coupons with videos, photos or GIFs.



Create inbound or outbound promtions in just minutes!


Create forms for surveys, contest, or simple data collection.

Forms &


Upload your own photos and videos or choose from our stock libraries.

Adding Media


Our back office makes it easy to put your brand and style on our features and services.  Upload your logo, custom images and videos for use in promotions coupons and forms.  Or choose from our library of professional stock images and videos.

Selecting Features & Services


Our system gives you an easy way to attract new customers, and to communicate with existing customers and staff.  You select the features or service to meet your marketing or communication task.  Each feature has a visual designer that allows you to see the promotion, coupon or form that you create as it will appear on mobile devices.

Works with any industry!
PromoStreak works great for food trucks.  Use our system location feature to make it easy for your customers to find you.
PromoStreak is a great marketing tool for any business whether big or small.

For business owners big or small


PromoStreak levels the playing field for small business owners by providing features that would require a custom infrastructure or app, and additional technical staff.   Our platform frees you from those additional costs and allows you to focus on the marketing, not the technology.


Easily engage your customers with a personalized experience that features your branding and design.  We can meet the needs of your business locally or nationally.  PromoStreak works well for both physical and online operations.

Simple Pricing

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Our system is based upon credits.  You are charged one credit for each message you send or receive.  The price of each credit ranges from 5-15 cents.  Credits are discounted when purchased in packages.  Credits never expire.  No minimums, hidden fees or charges.  See our pricing page for details.


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