Send branded personalized features to encourage your customers to interact with you directly or to sell items Online or in your store.

Mobile Marketing


A promotion is created whenever you want to ask customers to opt in or want to advertise or trade information with them.  You customize features in our back office and designate whether it is inbound or outbound and set the necessary limitations.

Inbound means you have asked your customer to text a keyword to our short code to opt into our system.  You can ask your customer to opt in through business cards, social media, commercials, or radio campaigns.


Outbound means you are going to send features to customers who have already opted in to your system.  You can send to all of your customers or you can select as few as one.

Customizable Features

Data Collection


Every promotion includes a message with media options for GIF, photos, videos or just use your logo.  You can upload your own media or choose from our stock photo and video libraries.  Our stylized messaging platforms allows you to send unlimited character messages with control over text size and color.


Our back office makes it easy to design custom forms for any kind of data collection.  Take reservations for bookings.


 Let customers give you open ended special instructions.  Add up to 25 custom questions or prompts or just ask one question.

Creating branded personalized smart coupon takes just minutes with our back office.  Use your coupons in campaigns right away or save them for future events.  Our cloud app gives your customers the ability to save their coupons and set reminders.  Customers can easily bookmark Promostreak to their home screen so they can easily get to the coupon you sent them. Upload your own photos or choose from our stock photo collection.


Introducing Video Coupons!


PromoStreak is proud to present the first coupon of this kind with video or GIF capabilities as well as forwarding and the ability to track it's own limitations.  You customize the coupon and set limitations or allow forwarding. Then sit back and let the smart coupon do the work for you!

Stock Library

You can upload your own photos or videos or use something we have available.  We have hundreds of photos for every occasion or holiday available in our stock photo library and we are adding more monthly.  Our stock video library is not as diverse but we are also currently building that library as well.

Coupon Forwarding and Setting limitations


When you customize a coupon in our back office you will have limitation and forwarding options.  Limit uses per phone, or day and our system does the rest!

 If you decide to allow forwarding you can decide how many times the coupon can be forwarded per person.  The person forwarding the text also get to send a message with the text link so the new customer knows who it is coming from and why.  Our system also allows you to set max limitations so your campaign doesn't get out of control.


Data Collection

Intake Information


Take reservations, or special instructions.  Our system allows you to add up to 25 questions or prompts.

Employee Management


Manage your employees by creating employment forms or by sending educational videos with questionnaires.   Or sending on shift text notifications in real time so the employees that want to work get the shift!

Create surveys or do live voting for events, contests, polling or nonprofit fundraising.

Contact Information




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