PromoStreak has helped non-profits raise tens of thousand of dollars.  We are helping to give these organizations a chance to raise money without having to give away large percentages, while revitalizing their programs to bring in new members or participants.  We offer multiple different services for non-profits to utilize to raise funds, communicate easily, raise their social media exposure.

Non-Profit Sales & Fundraising

Raise Funds


  • Sell tickets, packages or products
  • Take donations
  • Raise funds for "athons"
  • Charge participation fees
  • URL redirect to your website/Facebook store
  • Auction feature coming soon

Registrations & Sign Ups


  • Register players or members
  • Sign up for work or volunteering
  • Communicate directly to them after opt in
  • Increase participation rates
  • Eliminate communication of managing paper forms



  • Make announcements
  • Send surveys
  • Intake Information
  • Manage volunteers
  • Announce events
  • Send videos for publicity or education
  • Live voting
  • Contests

Flat Rate Pricing


Giving back is important to us and we want to make raising funds as easy and painless as possible.  We charge by credits and offer nonprofits a flat rate of $0.05 per credit.  Our system integrates the Stripe payment processes service to raise funds.  We will only charge credits for sending and receiving text messages and use of our fundraising system.


When you sign up you will be asked for your non-profits tax id number. Once this number has been verified you will be able to start receiving free and purchasing credits for your nonprofit.  As long as your non-profit organization has a federal tax id number that can be verified you are eligible.

Fund Collection


All you have to do is open up a stripe account to intake your funds and you will be ready to go.  Stripe takes a 2.9% + 30 cents of your profits to process your payments.  Once Stripe has completed the process your payment will be automatically deposited into your bank account.  Using this system we are able to allow you to use our system to raise funds without actually touching your money.  1 credit will automatically be charged to your PromoStreak account for every fund raising transaction.

Promote Kindness Program


PromoStreak's Promote Kindness Program is a simple way for you to give back to your favorite charity.  There are two ways to participate.

  1.  As a business owner you can choose a charity credit package; these packages will contain special pricing and credits either donating to the PromoStreak Promote Kindness participant of your choice or we will disperse the credits to all of the participants.
  2. Or as a personal donation you can choose a charity package to donate to the PromoStreak Promote Kindness participant. 
    Click here to learn more about the Promote Kindness Program

How Non-Profits Are Using PromoStreak

Facebook Marketing & Page Building

If you are just getting started with your Facebook page or you are having trouble getting the responses you would like, or need helping installing your pixel we can help!  We will send you our getting started on social media manual for free!  If you'd like help boosting posts while targeting specific audiences we can help you with that too.

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